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Diaper Free Baby????

I was at my midwife’s office for a prenatal visit a few months ago perusing her library, when a book on the shelf caught my attention. It was entitled “The Diaper Free Baby”. Well, I guess I am attracted to things that go against the norm and my interest was immediately piqued. I think that I may have been especially interested since my 3 year old daughter has been wearing underwear for over a year, and is “mostly” toilet trained, but still has an accident almost daily.

My husband saw the book on the kitchen counter later that afternoon and immediately sought me out with a look of concern on his face, and I gently reassured him that I was only curious and not to worry about it. Well, that evening I began to read this book and was almost immediately intrigued and excited to at least give this a try!  Apparently, over 50% of the world (mostly undeveloped regions) uses this technique with success. Well, I thought that if they can do it, I can do it!

To give a bit of information about all of this, this technique is called elimination communication (EC), and is based on the premise that just as we learn to read baby’s cues when they are hungry or tired, they also give cues for when they need to eliminate. When they give their cue or it is a time of day that they will almost always need to pee, you hold them over a bowl (or a toilet, or a small potty) and give them a cue that sounds similar to a peeing sound, and they go! Quite quickly they begin to associate the cueing sound with going to the bathroom, and they will begin to hold their pee and poop until they hear it.

Fast track a few months. Our third daughter Karis was 2 ½ months old and I finally got up the nerve to try this. I got out the bowl that I had chosen for this purpose, held her over it and made the sound and….. she went!!!!! (Now keep in mind that I had been making this sound every time I had seen her pee during a diaper change since she was born so she had already begun the association.) Well I was ecstatic!!! My husband was outside doing yard work and right away I opened up the window and announced to him that Karis just peed in the bowl, to which he gave me a look that meant he didn’t quite believe me. My excitement continued as she peed in the container many times that day.

Now Karis is 5 months old and we use less than half the amount of cloth diapers that we would normally use in a day and I have gone from washing them every other day, to every four days. How awesome is that?!!!! And, she does 90-95% of her pooping in the potty which means very little mess, AND no exploding poops.

So here’s the info if you are interested in checking it out: “The Diaper Free Baby” by Christine Gross-Loh.

Thanks for reading!