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Food Made Simple

Karis has been eating like a champ – both solids and breastmilk. A few months ago I wrote about baby led weaning and how I thought I might try this. Well, Karis is 9 months old now and has been trying new foods since she was 6 ½ months old. Just to recap, the premise of baby led weaning is to completely skip the purees and baby foods, to wait until baby is ready to swallow and manipulate foods, and go straight to feeding baby soft small pieces of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and tender meat.

Some of the first foods that we introduced were steamed sweet potato, avocado, banana, and steamed carrot. We made sure that they were nice and soft, and cut them into small pea-sized bits. After offering her as much breastmilk as she wanted, we offered this food to her on the tray of her high chair, and we were really excited to see her pick up the bits of food and clumsily bring them to her mouth and eat them! She seemed to enjoy this new eating experience from the get go and we loved the simplicity of it. No pureeing and spoon feeding involved, no rice cereal, just straight to real food. We continued to introduce new foods one at a time and quite quickly we were able to begin feeding her the portion of our regular family meal that was appropriate for her. We did realize that some things are better to spoon feed if we don’t want to deal with a very messy baby though!

When I think about this, it really seems to make sense. If we wait until babies are ready to eat solid foods, we can simply feed them these foods without thinning them out.  And, they can feed themselves!!! To me, this is pretty wonderful. I can eat my meal, my family can eat their meals…. We can all eat our meals!

We love the simplicity of this approach, and Karis seems to really enjoy eating meals with us as part of the family.