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For the past two and a half weeks I have been painting in all of my free time to the neglect of other things including this blog! We moved into our century old home almost four years ago and although it was very clean and well taken care of, it needed some serious updating. Since moving in we have waterproofed the basement, insulated, redone all of the electrical, and other things such as replacing old toilets and faucets, and lots of painting! We were low on cash after buying our house, so when we saw paint at a discount store here in town we were ecstatic! We painted two of the bedrooms and a bathroom with this paint. Well, here’s a word of advice – never buy paint at a discount store!!! We needed three coats of paint for a very light color, and it went on dark and dried light (as opposed to all other paint that does the opposite). When all was said and done it looked fine until the kids had a cold and we put the vaporizer into the room for the night. The next day when we went in, the paint had dripped down the walls and it looked disgusting! It was bad, but we had to leave it for a while since the electrical work would be done still, so there would be patched holes to paint after this.

The patching was completed just before Karis was born, and so a few months later life is getting under control again. We’re in a good routine, and so I have a bit of time here and there so I finally moved Zoey and Karis out of their room for a couple of weeks and started to paint.

We opted not to go with pink this time so that it might be a bit more timeless, and chose to incorporate nature into the bedroom – we’re hoping that our girls will love the outdoors as much as we do. We really liked the look of large decals, but to save money we decided to paint some murals on the walls instead even though it is much more time consuming. I painted a large tree mural on the wall with the crib, and some flowers above the shelf over the high bed. I also painted some birds on canvases that we hung beside the window, and my mom made the three cute owls on the white dresser. We love how the room turned out! It feels light and fun and the girls both seem to love it. And, I am really happy that the drippy walls are history.