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Blueberry Yumminess!

A few weeks ago I went blueberry picking with my mom-in-law and my two older girls at Klassen’s Blueberries in Harrow, and we had a good time. We would have had a great time I’m sure if it wasn’t for the three trips each that Zoey and Sophia had to make to the port a john that was a few minutes walk from the designated place of picking… I think that they were getting bored with picking and that’s all they could think of to do! But that annoying fact aside, it was a beautiful day to be out in the sun picking berries and we are once again stocked up for a few months. This year I decided to make some blueberry jam, and I wanted to try some without any sugar added. I found this recipe for blueberry honey jam and I tried it! Well, it was a success – it’s delicious and I would definitely recommend that you try making it if you’re into that kind of thing.

Here’s a photo of the yummy freezer stash that we have to eat on cereal, in muffins in pancakes, and in smoothies!

And here’s a picture of Zoey and Sophia enjoying some blueberries for an afternoon snack.

Well, after the successful jam venture I decided to go all out and I canned some fresh local tomatoes, as well as some delicious peaches that we got from our friends’ orchard in Ruthven I must say that I am going to take a break from canning for a while, but in the fall I am definitely going to do some applesauce as well.

Please share your favourite jam or canning recipes, I would love to try them!

The choice to stay home

The choice for me to stay home with the kids for us was a no brainer. Being home with our kids is a priority for us – we want to be the primary influence in our kids lives, we want to pour our love into them, and we want to enjoy them. They are growing up SO fast!!! Next month, our two older daughters will both be in school every other day, and I’ll have some special time with our youngest a couple of days a week. I really can’t believe where time has gone….

Right now my business is quite small, and I only work a few hours a week to fill orders and keep my stock up, and I am able to contribute a small amount each month towards our family’s income. I know that once all of the kids are in school that I’ll have more time to expand and increase sales and this is exciting, but I also love this time with the kids while they are small.

This choice isn’t always easy though, and the financial strain is one of the things that can be a challenge. Living primarily on one income means living on a very tight budget. This means telling people that we can’t do certain things like eating out (which is a luxury for us), going on expensive vacations (camping is our style anyway), or other activities that just aren’t in the budget. We very often tell the kids when we’re shopping and they ask for things that “it’s too much money”, or “it’s not on the list”. I have learned to clip coupons, read the flyers and price match, make my own soup broth and do all of my own gluten free baking from scratch. We eat only a small amount of meat, along with a healthy amount of legumes and whole grains, and we eat well.

Living on a budget can be challenging, but we’re used to it. We’re actually thankful for this challenge – it makes us appreciate the small things. When one of the girls needs a new pair of shoes and someone gives us a pair, we are thankful. When all of the clothes (and more) that we need for the kids are given to us by other families with older girls we are thankful. We are able to realize and see the way that God provides for all of our needs time and time again, and for this we are so thankful.

Living on a budget also helps us to figure out all of the fun free things to do in our community. There are lots of things to do with the kids that don’t cost a thing – storytime at the library, playing at the park and the splashpad, going to the early years centre, bikerides and walks. For us bigger people it isn’t quite so easy, but it makes us think outside of the box when we’re thinking up things to do. Ultimate frisbee, biking, running, going for walks – these are free things that we do on a regular basis and enjoy. We definitely enjoy a good board game with friends, and we both love to read and enjoy some tea in the evening.

In the end, it feels good to live simply, to know that we have all that we need and more, and most importantly to be there for our kids.

Pouch Style Baby Carriers

Handmade in Leamington, Ontario, Koala Pouch Baby Slings are made from quality fabric as a comfortable, stylish way to carry your baby. They are compact, easy to use, machine washable and babies love them! No fussing with buckles or extra fabric, Koala Pouch Baby Slings are the perfect size for your body every time with no adjustments!

Koala Pouch Baby Slings are made from two layers of beautiful preshrunk cotton fabric with a touch of spandex, allowing your sling to form to your shoulder and to baby providing the ultimate in comfort. Every sling is fully reversible, with one side being a classic solid, and the other a stylish print. To care for your Koala Pouch Baby Slings, simply machine wash cold, and tumble dry low.