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From Chaos to Order in the Pantry

You know when you get home from the grocery store and you’re filled with dread because now you need to put all of those groceries away? There are some things that I just don’t like about keeping house: putting away clean dishes that have air dried (also emptying the dishwasher, but we don’t have one in our current house), mopping the floor, and putting the groceries away… I don’t know what it is about those tasks, maybe I just need to embrace them somehow. I used to have a huge aversion to folding laundry but I have since conquered that one, and I quite like taking care of the laundry now! Perhaps I will feel this way about the groceries one day, but for now I just like to do it as quickly and painlessly as possible. The problem is, sometimes I take one shortcut too many and after a few weeks my pantry was looking like this:
pantry before

Thankfully after emptying out the pantry and using a couple of shelf dividers and a basket, order has been returned rather painlessly.

pantry after

I must say, there is so much satisfaction in order. Such a simple thing, but something that can really bring a peace and a calmness when applied throughout the home. I have been trying to have a “do it now” attitude when it comes to taking care of the house, and I will try to do this when putting away groceries (properly). Anyone else have a messy and unorganized pantry? If it’s well organized, what are your secrets to keeping it that way?

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