A Little Bit of Sunshine…Inside

Our latest renovation has been to one of our upstairs bedrooms. My teenage sister lived with us briefly a couple of years ago and painted it dark purple. While cool for a teenager, it was very dark for a little girl. Mostly this room desperately needed a paint makeover because our daughter had picked off patches of paint by her bed when she should have been sleeping peacefully….

Bedroom Pre-makeover

As you can see from the photo, the ceiling also needed to be painted, and I decided to paint out the trim as well to lighten up the entire room.

This painting job turned into a job that was much larger when the old unused chimney on our house began to leak into this bedroom. We decided at this point that rather than repair it, we would take it down. We had it taken down from the roof into the attic, and then my handy husband took it down out of this bedroom and then patched the floor, the ceiling, and the wall, and put down new flooring – whew! This added space allowed us to put the bed into a space that was not nearly big enough before – we love this added space!!!

All of the finishing touches have not been made yet – we’re still working on a large flower garden decal to put above the bed which I will post in a later blog, so I’m just going to give a sneak peak of the lovely buttery yellow walls with white trim.

Bedroom post makeover

We are thrilled with the result! It’s like a little bit of sunshine, inside. Our daughter loves it, and we are happy that she has a pretty, bright space to sleep and play.


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