An Eco-Friendly Birthday

This past weekend Zoey turned 5! She had her first “friend” birthday party (as opposed to the family kind), and we had lots of fun. My dilemma was what to do for a lootbag. I didn’t want to fill a bag with cheap plastic toys, and I also didn’t want to load those kids up on candy. (We’ve been trying to minimize the amount of plastic that we use as a family). I searched online for different ideas, and my final picks were:

a) have the kids paint a flower pot that they can take home with a packet of flower seeds
b) paint t-shirts with fabric paint
c) make homemade caramel corn (not much better than candy I know…)

I decided to go with homemade caramel corn. We packaged it in paper bags decorated by the girls, and tied up with a nice ribbon. Although this is not the healthiest option, I liked it because it was homemade, and didn’t produce any waste – we thought that it would most likely be consumed and that even if it didn’t all get eaten that it wouldn’t sit in a landfill site forever. I would definitely like to do the flower pots and the t-shirts when the kids are a bit bigger though – I wasn’t sure if they might be a bit young for these ones this year.

Zoey chose to have frog cupcakes this year and I thought they were very cute so I thought I would share! These are the ones made by me for her party on Saturday:

And even cuter are the cupcakes that the girls decorated for the little family party that we had for her on Sunday:

They decided to do all kinds of faces on those frogs – angry, sad, happy, and there is even one with a very large nose!
I would say that it was a successful birthday party and a fun day overall.
I would love to read about your eco-friendly lootbag ideas – let the ideas come!

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    1. Some ideas I have for lootbags/activities are:

      Find some nice, smooth oblong rocks before the party to paint with the kids as bugs.

      Sew a hand puppet for each kid (easy to make). Or, for older kids, make kits for them to sew their own puppet during the party (all you need is felt and stuffing).

      With older kids that can handle a glue gun, you could make flowers out of fabric scraps and pipe cleaners (you could cut out the fabric and make leafs ahead of time).

    2. Oh, and I LOVE your lootbags and cupcakes!

    3. Love the lootbags and the cupcakes! Great job!

    4. Such great ideas Karen!

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