Gardening Fun

This beautiful spring weather has inspired me to get out in the garden for the past couple of days. I LOVE to garden. Granted, I am not a very good gardener and I have so much to learn, but I just love digging around in the garden, getting dirty, and working hard outside. So far, we have a large perennial flower garden in the backyard. Last fall we added some smaller beds along the edges of the garage and the deck, and we (me and the girls) are really excited to fill up those spots and plant some veggies this summer!
Both Zoey (almost 5) and Sophia (3 ½) are going to choose two vegetables that they are going to plant and be in charge of this summer. It will be their job to weed them, and to harvest them. I am so looking forward to involving them in this fun and tasty adventure! I am also going to plant two herb container gardens on the deck so that we can cook with fresh herbs all summer, and hopefully make our own dried herbs to last through the winter. Yum, yum, and more yum.
Karis has been enjoying crawling around on the grass. She likes to feel the grass, and to pick up all of the little interesting things that she finds – acorns, woodchips, leaves, sticks….. She is still in the stage where she is putting many things into her mouth, which makes my gardening not very productive, but Karis is discovering so many neat things as she explores and I love to watch her as she does this.