I think that laundry is my biggest domestic weakness. I love to cook, don’t mind cleaning, love organizing and decorating – but laundry? I don’t like it. Every time I catch up, I feel like I can take a break for a couple of days and all of a sudden there is another mountain. I find myself ranting about the laundry once in a while and my husband will remind me that if I only wash, dry, fold, and put away ONE load of laundry every day, then it will not build up… I always agree that this is a great idea, but somehow I don’t make it happen. One day I might get a handle on this, but for now I will just plug on and try my best!
With that confession out in the open, I must say that the warmer weather is good for me in the area of laundry. I love to line dry our clothes – I love that it saves electricity, which saves money and is one more little thing that we can do to be more environmentally friendly. On days where the weather reports are calling for sun, I will always get a load of laundry on in the morning so that it is hanging in the sunshine by noon or so. That takes care of my one load a day being washed and dried. AND, as I take my wash off the line it only makes sense to fold it as I go, while Karis keeps me company and the older girls play in the yard. All this leaves is putting it away which I can usually take care of while the kids are getting their PJs on in the evening.

When I hang an entire load of cloth diapers on the line, I am visually reminded of how many diapers we go through in just a few days (even with the pottying!), and I’m thankful that we haven’t thrown thousands of diapers away.
There are so many things to love about line drying my clothes. Not to mention the great smell, and the sun bleached cloth diapers that get so nice and white.
So here’s to more warm sunny days that we can enjoy for many reasons – including laundry!

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