My Little Nature Photographers

This summer I have been trying to be very intentional about doing fun things with the kids. Not elaborate or expensive things, just fun, sometimes educational, sometimes goofy things. A few days ago we went to Point Pelee National Park, which happens to be a short drive away from where we live, with the purpose of being nature photographers. My older girls love to take pictures, and they also enjoy going for hikes and learning about nature, so I thought this would be a fun spin on things (the week before we went with our binoculars as birders).

It was a lot of fun, and mostly a success. We saw lots of living things that the girls were excited about. The mostly was because a 1/2 a km before we finished our 3 km hike, my oldest daughter got a blister from her shoe and refused to walk any further. My 2 year old had already walked most of the way and had just settled into her mei tei carrier when this blister problem happened – she was tired and didn’t want to walk any further (I don’t blame her – that’s a long way on little legs!). So, I put my oldest daughter on my back in the mei tei and carried my little one in my arms in the front and off we went. I’m smiling in the picture (at the end of the photos shown here), but by the end of our hike my hips were killing me with almost 90 extra pounds that I was carrying. Note to self: don’t go on hikes that are so long with three kids and no other adults!

Here are some of the pictures from our hike, from the cameras of a 5 year old and a 6 year old.





















































Didn’t my little nature photographers take some good pictures? A simple and fun day.

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