My Repurposed Kitchen Island

When we purchased our home 6 1/2 years ago, we didn’t realize how little counter space it had in the kitchen! It wasn’t until I began to cook in that kitchen that I realized how 3 1/2 feet doesn’t go very far when you make just about everything from scratch, with your kids help! There is no room for a table in our kitchen, so we began to realize that a small island would be just the thing. We didn’t want just any island though, we wanted a really nice island for a very small amount of money… We started looking around and quickly came to the conclusion that this wasn’t going to happen. That’s when I decided to think outside of the box.

A friend and I went to go check out an old warehouse full of salvaged materials from buildings that had been demoed, and I found an old rusty metal cart that really caught my eye. I took some measurements, and then went home and taped off the amount of space that it would take up in the kitchen. We pondered this for a few days and decided that it would work in the space, so I went and picked it up for $50. I painted it with rust paint that I had tinted a couple of shades lighter than the walls, and adhered red wallpaper onto the shelves, which I then coated in a couple of coats of water based varethane.

When it came to the counter top for it, we considered several options, but finally decided that we would take the top off our television cabinet that was in our basement rec room; and we routered, sanded, and stained the back edge of it to match the rest of the finish. We then adhered it to the metal cart with a number of small metal brackets and screws. Voila! The cool thing is that we were able to cut the sides down on the television cabinet, sand them, and use the same stain to finish the tops as well. Now we have a great looking island counter top, and a good looking television shelf in the basement. You’ve gotta love when you can repurpose what you already have right?

Here is the finished product:

repurposed kitchen island

kitchen island, repurposed

















We are enjoying all of this newfound space in the kitchen! Gone are the days of trays of cookies falling into the sink because there was no where else to rest them. Now we can bake up a storm, and my kids have a great spot to sit and help out, or just visit as I do my thing in the kitchen. We have essentially doubled our counter space and are loving this repurposed kitchen island.

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