Pushing Your Baby Away

A few months ago we watched the movie Away We Go – an artsy movie (quite tasteful except for the first 20 seconds of the movie…) that documents the journey that a couple goes on to find the perfect place to raise their first child. In each place that they go, there are interesting people that they visit and in one location there is a weirdo couple that is what I would describe as hippy-new age EXTREME. One of the things that this couple has chosen is to only use baby carriers and never to use a stroller. They are in fact, extremely offended when a stroller is presented to them as a gift because they think it is absolutely awful to push your baby away from you.

This scene made me laugh very hard, because in a way I empathize with this couple. I feel bad for the babies who seem to be pushed around in their strollers very frequently (especially when they are very little) – I think that I would be lonely in there, unable to see my mom or dad, unable to feel their warmth and their heartbeat… you get the point I think.
That being said, I can definitely appreciate my jogging stroller. Especially now that Karis is getting heavy and I no longer wear her for many extended periods of time in the sling or carrier. Lately I have been taking all of the kids outside often – the older girls ride their bikes (and Zoey tells every person that we come into contact with that she knows how to ride a two wheeler with no training wheels – she is just slightly excited about that), and I run behind them with Karis in the stroller. Karis loves going fast while watching her sisters hooping and hollering in front of her! It is moments like these that I appreciate my stroller. But I do connect with hippy extreme from the movie. It’s all about balance right?

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