The little things…

I was amazed this week at the impact of a seemingly “little thing”. Partway through the week I took my 4 1/2 year old daughter on a date. This was a very simple date, but it was special since she got to look forward to it all week, and then she had some uninterrupted time with just her and me with no distractions. What did we do? We went to the grocery store and picked up some “pop” that was really only carbonated juice in a cool can, some gluten free granola bars, and some hummus and chips. We then sat in the parking lot in the front seats of the van side by side and had a “picnic in the car”. We munched and we talked. Sophia repeatedly said “this is so great”, and a couple of times even said that it was the best day in her whole life! Wow. I was amazed at how being intentional in doing such a little thing, can speak volumes to my girl of my love for her. I had fun, and I realize now that I need to take my girls on dates more often.

Some of the other “little things” that make our days special… cuddling together and reading a story . baking together . gardening together . playing tag . chasing and tickling . praying together . having a singalong . pretending . talking in funny voices . saying “I love you”.

I would love to hear about the special little things that you do with your children (or that your parents did with you) to show your love to them!