13 Indicators of Healthy Children

When I first began my parenting journey over seven years ago (I really can’t believe it’s been that long), I remember sitting in a room with a bunch of other new moms and their babies, and wondering if there was a way to judge from looking at their babies, how well they were cared for. I remember briefly considering that if their fingernails were neatly trimmed, perhaps that would be a good indicator that they were well cared for. I dismissed this rather ridiculous thought quickly, but it stuck with me nonetheless. Now having three children, I have to laugh at myself (often) when all of a sudden I will look at one of my child’s hands and realize that it’s been far too long since her fingernails have been trimmed and that she is beginning to grow claws…

I now think that if there were an external indicator of a well cared for child, perhaps it would be completely counter-intuitive. Instead of it being a child with neatly trimmed fingernails, perfect hair, and great clothes that bear designer labels, perhaps instead it’s one of these things:

1. copious amounts of dirt under their fingernails after digging for bugs and playing in the sandbox
2. stacks of books beside their bed
3. insect collections
4. berry stained hands
5. a less than perfect hairdo that they did themselves and are so proud of
6. a terribly clashing outfit that they picked out all by themselves
7. tutus and costumes that are worn all over town
8. a kitchen table that is stained from the creation of all kinds of art projects
9. a fridge that is plastered in art
10. irregular shaped cookies that she made all by herself
11. funny looking robot high tops that were the perfect indoor shoes for grade 1
12. a messy kitchen
13. a living room turned blanket fort

Although we could consider many things indicative of a well cared for, healthy child, I think perhaps it’s simple. So simple that it transcends all nationalities and socioeconomic classes. Look at their eyes. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:22 that “The eye is the lamp of the body”. I have seen children whose eyes are full of sadness, and I have seen children whose eyes are full of joy and sparkle.

silly kids

My prayer this week is that you’ll have a week full of love and fun with your kids, and that they will have happy, sparkly eyes. And don’t worry about trimming their nails, it can wait until after another rousing game of Candyland!

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