Easter Fun – a Healthy Way!

What child doesn’t love a good Easter egg hunt?! My kids and nieces and nephews sure do. This year we decided to do a healthy version of an Easter egg hunt – this was inspired by my neighbor who does a variation of this with her children. I know that my kids don’t need to be filled up with refined sugar, and that refined sugar negatively affects their immune systems which makes them more susceptible to illness. So instead of the kids searching for eggs filled with chocolate, this year they found eggs filled with dried fruit including apples, pineapple, apricots, and figs; as well as stickers, a bouncy ball, and balloons – they loved it! And after the hunt none of us parents were worried about our kids ingesting lots of unhealthy treats – the kids happily munched on their snacks and couldn’t have been happier!

showing her eggs

searching for eggs

look at those eggs!

Some of the goodies

Here are some of the goodies – most of the dried fruit is already eaten!

enjoying an apple ring

The happy egg hunters with their loot!

I’d love to hear about fun and healthy twists on holiday traditions and activities that you have tried! Check out this great website that I just recently discovered if you want to read more about making healthy choices for your family http://wellnessmama.com/.

Thanks for reading about our healthy Easter fun!