My Living Room Makeover.

We moved into our century old home 5 1/2 years ago, two and a half weeks before I birthed our second daughter in our new house. That was a busy couple of weeks! Our house was very clean when we moved in, but it needed a LOT of updating and I wanted our living room and dining room to be painted right away. In hindsight, I should have just lived with it for a while so that I got a feel for the room. The carpet was in good shape, and we weren’t prepared to put down new flooring if what was underneath was terrible so we opted to keep it in. We painted one wall a deep red, and the rest a neutral tan. Once the painting was done, the living room was clean and nice to be in, but it didn’t ever really feel like our living room. With the brown trim, the beige carpet, beige walls, and beige couch, I began to feel like I was in a sea of beige – I needed some color!!! I also realized that with the porch in front, although the room has lots of windows it doesn’t actually get a lot of natural light coming in. So after 5 1/2 years I finally got a clear vision for what I wanted the living room to look like, and this summer I worked away at it and wanted to share the finished product with you!

Here are the before shots of the very formal looking living room:

living room before









living room before left









living room before right









I knew right away that I wanted to change up the heavy curtains for a light roman blind, and that I wanted to paint out the trim white – this made such a huge difference! I also decided to paint the walls a creamy ivory. The room feels so much bigger AND I said goodbye to all that beige. I can’t forget the floor – I finally pulled up that carpet and the original wood floor is in fairly good shape.

Here are the after pictures:

living room after








It’s SO much brighter!

living room barnboard mirror











Our brother in law made us this amazing barnboard mirror.

living room pictures








We featured our own colorful art on the walls – this really personalized the space.

living room coffee table








I refinished the coffee table that we received as a wedding gift in a beautiful bright green and distressed it – this really added a punch of color to the space!

We love the finished product! It’s bright and fun, and it feels so comfortable to be in. I feel like it is a reflection of our creative personalities, and I finally feel like it’s my own living room that I’m sitting in. And that’s our living room makeover.

A New Quilt!

This past Sunday was my littlest daughter Karis’ second birthday. For her birthday I made her a quilt for her big girl bed, as I have done for my other two girls. When I made the first of the three quilts I bought extra of several of the fabrics I used so that I could incorporate matching fabrics into each of their quilt designs so that no matter who shared a room, they would each have a unique handmade quilt that coordinated well with the other.

I am really happy with how Karis’ quilt turned out and I thought I would share some pictures of the process. The first step after choosing a pattern, was to cut out all of the pieces for the quilt – this is pretty time consuming! The next step is to piece all of those little pieces together to form the quilt top.

sewing squares

Here is a shot of me piecing together one of the small squares which make up the center of the quilt.

quilt squares

And here are all of the completed squares that make up the center.

quilt layout

The next step was to layout the squares on the floor until I found a pattern that I was happy with. You then sew each row together, and attach the rows.

I added the outer borders and patterns until the quilt top was complete. My husband’s Oma had agreed to hand quilt this quilt for me, which I am SO thankful for! Having Oma’s hand stitched designs on the quilt makes it that much more special.

Oma with the quilt

Here is Oma with the quilt ready for me to put the binding on – notice all of the flower details she added!

Finished quilt

Here is the finished product on Karis’ bed! My mom also took some extra squares that I had and made a hand quilted pillow sham to match – isn’t it lovely? (She also made some matching pillow cases – thanks Mom!) I love that three generations of family members  contributed to this project.

Matching quilts

And finally, here is a shot of Zoey and Karis’ matching quilts on their bunk beds. I should add that my husband has only ever used handmade quilts made by his Oma (pictured above) and has never used a purchased blanket on his bed! Oma made us a beautiful quilt for our bed when we got married, and crib quilts for our babies, and I have decided to carry on this tradition of handmade quilts on the beds in our house. It’s such a special thing to sleep with a quilt that has been handmade by someone who loves you isn’t it?