Paper Bead Necklaces

On the last rainy day of the summer break, we were looking for something to do. We were looking through my craft/sewing supplies for inspiration when Zoey found a thin black shoelace in my embroidery thread case and asked what it was for…. that’s how our fun morning began, which was a total blast from the past for me! I then taught them how to make paper bead necklaces like I used to do when I think I was around 10 or 11, and we had so much fun doing it!

Here’s a description of the process:

Making paper necklaces

We used an old home decor magazine that I had kept around for crafting and pulled out all of the really colourful pages – we like a lot of colour in our family, but you could pick any colour scheme that you wanted. You then cut out strips of paper, getting slightly thinner as you go.

Paper strips

You can then put them in an order that looks good to the eye, and begin making them into beads! We just used a glue stick since that was easier for the girls to do, and taking the paper strips one at a time we applied glue all over the wrong side of the paper (careful not to get it on the string) and then began to tightly roll it around the string, starting with the widest part of the paper.

To make these necklaces last a little longer, we also brushed the finished beads with white glue to make them stronger.

And here’s a finished product. This necklace was made by one of the girls with no help at all. You can make the beads thinner and tighter, and they don’t look like paper at all then! You just might see me sporting one of these in the near future…

Completed paper necklace

Fun, right? And what a simple way to spend a rainy morning!

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