Things I Love About Babywearing

I love that I can hold my baby close and talk to her and kiss her while I’m grocery shopping, worshipping in church, making supper and doing dishes.

I love that I can go on a walk and speak quietly to Karis and hear her little responses to the things around her that she is enjoying.

I love that the research shows that when I hold my baby close I am doing what’s best for her both emotionally and developmentally.

I love that when my baby is in her sling or carrier she can nap comfortably – this gives me so much flexibility as I go about my day.

I love that I don’t need to lug my infant car seat around.

I love that I can sew slings and fill orders while Karis is wrapped close to my body.

I love that I can hold my baby and do a puzzle or a craft with my other daughters.

I love that it’s simple.

My beautiful 22 month old niece Rebekah went to be with the Lord this week after struggling with epilepsy since she was 3 months old. She needed a lot of comfort when she was having days with seizures and as she was recovering from those seizures. I love that she could ride in her sling or carrier and breastfeed so that she would feel better on those days.

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    1. Beautiful post, Karen. Thanks for the tribute to Rebekah… she loved being worn.

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